31-Day Blogging Challenge Wrap-Up

Participating in the 31-Day Blogging Challenge for the month of October has ended. I can’t remember where it was I first saw information about the challenge, but I remember signing up almost immediately! This was a challenge I needed, a natural fit to get my blog back on the production track.blogging

Apparently, at least 81 other bloggers joined me in signing up for this challenge. I’ve enjoyed reading samples of their works. Wow, what a gathering of talent! Take a look through the list of bloggers and their creations. I think you’ll agree.

The host for this blog challenge was Lesa Townsend at Conversation2Sales.com. She did an outstanding job, sending daily emails with food for thought and ways to direct web traffic toward your blog. Since the challenge was geared towards business and sales blogs, I had some doubt whether WiseBlood actually fit the profile, but I didn’t let that discourage me from participation.

Thank you, Lesa Townsend, for sponsoring this online confab! Thanks also to all the people who read (and liked and commented) WiseBlood. You have inspired me to continue and I shall!

If you missed any of the posts, I’m listing them below so you’re able to click the link and go right to a specific post.

As a wrap-up for this blogging challenge, I thought I’d look back and share with you what I’ve learned. It has been illuminating and encouraging.

Daily blogging is not only possible but achievable. I rearranged my priorities and actually made time to write! It’s something I’ve always said I would do, but never stuck with it. Now I know I can. Like The Little Engine That Could, I’ve made it over a mountain I thought was insurmountable.

Topics for posts come from anywhere and everywhere. When I wake up in the morning and the “writing” well seems dry, it’s only temporary. Within a short while, I’ve got more ideas than time to develop them.

By design, blogs are imperfect. In my poetry and fiction, I may strive for precision and often weigh words by the micro-milligram. I’ve done this in the past at WiseBlood and production slowed to a turtle’s pace. I’m learning I can be deliberate and thoughtful, but within reasonable bounds. Letting go is necessary and essential.

Consistent production makes me a better writer … and a better editor. (Here’s a glimpse into my writing process.) Usually the editor in me must be banished (but always watchful over my right shoulder) during the creative phase. I try to hold her at bay until the first draft is reasonably complete.

Now, because of self-imposed time constraints, writer and editor have begun to work somewhat in tandem. I’m not sure they’ll be as cooperative when it comes to poetic creations, but we’ll see.

So, it’s over … the 31-Day Blogging Challenge, that is. But the writing continues and I hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy and find an occasional worthy take-away. Thanks again, and God bless!

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