‘Twas the Night Before . . .

If, like me, you’re chomping at the bit to have these elections over (as in totally O-V-E-R-!), tomorrow is our day to get the thing behind us. I have to admit, when Rachel of Card Services called me last week, it was almost a relief … because the call wasn’t from someone doing polling or urging me to get out and vote! (What really got my dander up was the caller ID when Rachel’s call came through said Vanguard! Really?)VotePinsBack to Election Day tomorrow, I’m ready. It’s amazing how many campaign ads are being run during every commercial break … on television, on radio, on social media! It’s seems hardly possible that I’m beginning to miss the State Farm jealous wife middle-of-the-night ads (What are you wearing, Jake from State Farm?) as well as the various Cialis ads. No, I’m probably not missing them, just surprised they’re being so thoroughly edged out by all the political ads I guess.

Today, I figured a break for light verse would be good, and in keeping with the Election Day soon to dawn, here’s a poem related to the subject.

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Ballot Issue

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