Almost Last

All things eventually come to an end … yes, including the annual observance of National Poetry Month 2024. We’ve arrived at the penultimate, April 29th. The goal (inferred rather than stated) was to post a new poem each day of the month.

As of today, I’ve posted a couple poems of light verse with the balance as sonnets (some Shakespearean and several of my own form, the Englark sonnet). While I’ve enjoyed this daily discipline, I think it’s safe to say the world remains on its axis and no four-legged animals were harmed by my efforts.

I believe I’ve mentioned from time to time in this space my absolute L-O-V-E for words. I’m enthralled with the beauty of words and how enjoyable it is to play with them – more fun than a video game, more entertaining than a baseball. A post from 2013 discussed my fascination with words. Another post from 2014 featured a light verse poem aptly titled Logodaedaly (which connotes skill or cleverness in coining new words).

logodaedaly, playing with words, language, light verse, poetry, poem

Since we are creatures who communicate, our words are meant to fit together well. Yes, we should make them communicate, but also make them fun, beautiful, blessed with music and substance! Make an effort to choose those “Sunday Best” words which convey love and kindness to the hearers.

Early this morning as I contemplated what poems I would post to round out the month, the tantalizing word penultimate came to mind. Recognizing today (April 29th) as my next to last post celebrating 2024’s National Poetry Month observance, I knew immediately I’d need to make this day’s post extra special! I sat down and began to compose.

We have second hands (on clocks), we have second chairs (in orchestras), we have second-hand clothes, second thoughts, second base, Second Coming, second helpings and second chances (to name a few). Let’s forget all those! In its own specific category, we have the word PENULTIMATE, meaning second to last! Such a stunning word!

The sonnet below is the result of my musings, my morning word play. There are other ways I could have directed the focus, but I gave myself a time limit and this was the result.

Word Play, a sonnet

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