Basketful of Joy

Day seven of National Poetry Month 2024 and there were multiple poems I might have posted here today. However, since it’s a Sunday, I wanted to take a slightly more serious tone. (In general, I tend to lean more on the humorous side. If you can’t laugh in this life, it’s got to be pretty dismal overall. That’s not a world in which I’m very comfortable.)

Today’s sonnet celebrates my joy of living (joie de vivre). Some years ago, I remember a certain political candidate stating an opinion that there were many Americans (about half the country) who could be appropriately characterized as a “basket of deplorables.” Opinions differ, of course, and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

Still, I chewed on that comment, and today’s sonnet grew out of that rumination. I don’t have any bad feelings toward those who disdain me for my beliefs. As a matter of fact, I’m grateful to God for His love and forgiveness which have allowed me to acknowledge I am Redeemable! And, even if I belong in the proverbial basket of deplorables, by God’s grace I’m not there. That’s great news!

Redeemable, a sonnet

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