Be It Resolved?

Reflecting today about New Year’s resolutions, I did what I often do:  I ran a Google search. Imagine, if you will, my chagrin when one of the top search results was:  Popular New Year’s Resolutions ¦

As one might predict, I followed the link. The webpage offers a baker’s dozen of common resolutions and links each resolution to other government websites designed to “help you achieve your goals.”

Really? Perhaps they would want to know one of my goals is to see the government transformed into a leaner, more effective, less intrusive version of this current behemoth. Will they help me achieve that goal?

[I recall President Reagan’s quip:  “The nine most terrible words in the English language are:  ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’“]

It’s enough to acknowledge the current US debt:  CBS News ran a story last January saying US Debt had topped $14 Trillion, USA Today noted this week the debt tops $15.23 Trillion. Wikipedia provides a plethora of graphs and charts, and everyone seems to understand this out-of-control spending is unsustainable … but don’t get me started! In this post, I refuse to rant about government.

Back to my topic of New Year’s resolutions, and in keeping with a previous post in which I stated one of my goals is to write 100 original sonnets, I offer the composition below.

Sonnet-For-A-New-Year, New Year, resolutions, sonnet, poem, poetry
Sonnet: Sonnet For a New Year

You might guess, I’ve borrowed from the Apostle Paul (who eloquently described — in Romans 7 — the universal tug-of-war between flesh and spirit). I know that struggle first-hand. How about you?

One more thing:  Don’t forget the book giveaway. (See my previous post for rules.) Deadline for entry is January 31, 2012. Good Luck!

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