Beginning . . .

Some years ago, I read Hugh Hewitt’s book BLOG:  Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World. Hewitt laid out the case that blogging (for Christians and conservatives, and I am both) is imperative. He convinced me.

As a lifelong writer and someone who can scarce await the occasional invitation to voice my opinion on any number of topics, blogging seemed tailor-made for my inclinations. So I began blogging immediately, right?

Not exactly. There were a few feeble efforts. As a writer, I’ve never been short on words and I’m not someone who feels the need to be “inspired,” but (as John Lescroart admits in a recent World Magazine article) there were “socks to be sorted.” A lot of socks! And I’ve been sorting and re-sorting far too long.

So here goes … the launch of Wise Blood. If you’ve somehow stumbled across my blog, I welcome you to this glimpse into my soul.

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