Between Friends

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. You’ve probably heard a version of this message from the Ad Council, a gentle caution for drivers and passengers alike.Friends-Dont-Let-406606-web

I’ve decided a similar message should apply with respect to social media. Maybe something like this:  Friends don’t let friends contrive junk. I know, I know! It’s clunky and doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely as the Ad Council declaration. But the meaning should resonate.

The sterile contrivance that is social media purports to keep us “connected” to friends and family. In truth, it’s a time-consuming distraction that draws us away from numerous activities and human interactions which once occupied our time and attention.

Social media in its varied applications also tends to work as an echo chamber … a mishmash of individual posts to which others respond by clicking share or like. But for me, the dreaded copy, paste and post if you agree is most exasperating. What if I agree with a post but choose not to copy, paste and post? Is my non-compliance misconstrued? (Oh, dear! What will people think if I don’t comply?)

This was my thought process when one of my dearest friends posted the image (below) to her Facebook timeline. A cute post, to be sure … an early photo of her with her sweet husband — declaring its intention “to promote love and marriage.” (And others among my FB friends had posted their own photos to challenge others.) I love the picture, but my name appeared in the post (along with the name of another friend). We were being challenged to “do the same.” Argh! How does one say no to such an agreeable (though for me, disagreeable) challenge?Sharon HR FB 2016

At first, I thought I’d ignore it. I was reminded of the Friends don’t let friends … statement. If drunk driving is problematic (and it is), I argued (to myself) contriving junk for social media posts is almost as vexing. But my brain argued back:  she’s my friend, someone for whom I’d do almost anything in the world! I vacillated, thinking of ways to respond without responding. (All the while, my mind ran through the photos I’d have to locate and scan, a time-intensive task by itself.)

Seven days? I knew right away I couldn’t (wouldn’t) post a new picture everyday for an entire week. Instead, I compromised, opting to post pictures to my blog. Yes, wiseblooding posts are simultaneously published to FaceBook, so I acknowledge these photos will show up there … but perhaps they’ll hasten through my timeline and be pushed quickly out of sight.

Herewith, photos to celebrate two lives united as one for a lifetime. The first (below) was taken before we were married, and reflects my early fascination with election process … as well as my Beloved appearing to enjoy his supervisory role for this college election! Amazingly, in those days a simple padlock secured our ballots.DLORLO-1969-vote

In December 1969, we were married. The picture below was taken at our wedding rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner 1969

Married just a few months when this picture was snapped, my Beloved ably brandished a sword to cut the cake at his 1970 birthday party!

DLO Bday 1970

Here’s an early portrait taken in the 70s. We lived in Dallas at the time.


My Beloved completed his post-graduate degree in mid-May and we delivered our first child the same month (1974).

DLORLO May 1974

Here’s a picture from the 80s showing our young family (smiles plus one bewildered look) … these four delightful offspring (now grown) continue to be a blessing today!


The photo below was taken during a college reunion, celebrating 40 years for the class of 1970.


This December, the two of us will celebrate our 47th anniversary, which is (I believe) exhibit #1 attesting our enthusiasm for love and marriage!

So, how closely did my post align with my friend’s challenge?

 1.  Promoting love and marriage?


2.  Seven pictures of the two of us together?


3.  Seven posts/pictures over seven days?


Oh, well. Two out of three isn’t bad, right?

3 thoughts on “Between Friends

  1. I feel the same way, Renee, only I actually ignore the challenges. I was challenged to do this one a few days ago & thought about the bother of seven days of photos. I also had no desire to challenge anyone else. Plus Bret doesn’t like to be mentioned by me on FB or anywhere else. He wants to remain a nebulous presence in social media, so no photos of us, or mushy endearments. People probably think I’m no fun, or simply enduring a nearly 38 year marriage, but that’s their problem!

  2. Facebook is really weird and superficial…
    I like WordPress blogging much more.

    It is annoying how people post a non-stop stream of trite sentimental slop on Facebook.
    I don’t get it.

    Nice pics by the way.

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