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Children In The Crosshairs

According to information I've read over the last couple days, the Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments next week that relate to same-sex marriage. With nearly 150 friend-of-the-court briefs already filed, the justices will hold an extended (2½ hours) hearing. As I understand the issue, SCOTUS will be grappling with the Constitution's Fourteenth… Continue reading Children In The Crosshairs

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Flying Solo

An item in my email this week caught my attention. With wedding season gearing up, my credit union sent an email hawking what they characterized as "EverydayLife Loans" providing extra cash for the big events of life. Naturally, the promotion drew my attention. Yeah, those "big events" tend to be costly nowadays and the credit union… Continue reading Flying Solo

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That’s How It Should Be

In a recent New York Times post, columnist David Brooks opined on The Cost of Relativism. Brooks references a recently-released book by Harvard professor Robert D. Putnam entitled Our Kids (with the subtitle The American Dream In Crisis). Putnam's book provides data with incisive analysis and the stories of real people to conclude kids (and young people)… Continue reading That’s How It Should Be

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A Measure of Life

The obituary was glaringly spare ... So-and-So was born in the community of Hither-and-Yon on Such-and-Such a date, beloved child of So-and-So-Mom and So-and-So-Dad, dear sibling of other So-and-So persons, several who predeceased So-and-So. Deceased leaves behind offspring and respective spouses plus more than a couple So-and-So grandchildren. The celebration of So-and-So's life will occur under the direction of Here-and-There Funeral Services and… Continue reading A Measure of Life

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Saluting Real Success

On his syndicated radio show Paul Harvey News and Comments, broadcaster Paul Harvey (1918-2009) used to celebrate the long marriages of audience members. Everyday at noon, he'd begin with his distinctive opening, "Hello, Americans! Stand by for news!" Then he'd go through various news stories of the day, usually the stories he most cared to report, and toward the… Continue reading Saluting Real Success

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You Can’t Have It All

Buried in my iTunes rotation is a 1986 song by the singing duo The Judds. It’s called “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Ol’ Days)” and the song became the sixth Number One hit The Judds enjoyed on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles charts. They earned a 1986 Grammy for the song, capturing Best Country Performance… Continue reading You Can’t Have It All

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Today, I offer another sonnet, written long ago, that echoes a slightly familiar theme. Though I don't use the word divorce in this poem, it should be clear that's what I'm referencing. I've touched on divorce previously (here and here and here, just to cite three). I reiterate my comments from the December 5, 2013… Continue reading Pretend

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Hungry Heart

Within the last couple weeks, my Beloved and I have learned about friends (long married) who have divorced. Each time news of this sort reaches us, we tend to react as we would to a death. It's painful and wrenching ... and we're not even the ones who are experiencing it firsthand! But make no mistake,… Continue reading Hungry Heart

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Today is the seventeenth anniversary of Mother Teresa's death. Though she was an Albanian by birth, this diminutive woman lived most of her life in India serving the poorest of the poor. She began her life as a Catholic missionary at age 18 and devoted the rest of her 87 years to mission work, living among… Continue reading Osteenification

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Rubberneck Culture

An accident occurs along the interstate. Usually on an interstate, metal-colliding-with-metal is going to happen at a high rate of speed, thus increasing the likelihood of injury and/or death. Whether it's a simple fender-bender or a more serious multi-car pileup with injuries and even fatalities, most drivers respond in a predictable manner. They react with natural… Continue reading Rubberneck Culture