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Genuine Courage

Back in April, I posted (here) about the physical transformation former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner was undergoing in order to stake his claim to be a woman. At the time of that post, I intended never again to bring up this subject. However, when I heard the announcement today that ESPN will honor Jenner on July 15… Continue reading Genuine Courage

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Life In A Meat-grinder

With ABC's Dianne Sawyer conducting a two-hour interview scheduled to air tomorrow night, stories and pictures of Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner are everywhere online as well as on the front pages of various tabloids. Jenner reached the pinnacle of success, snagging two Gold Medals in the grueling decathlon. Esquire described him as "the greatest athlete of his time."The… Continue reading Life In A Meat-grinder

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Flying Solo

An item in my email this week caught my attention. With wedding season gearing up, my credit union sent an email hawking what they characterized as "EverydayLife Loans" providing extra cash for the big events of life. Naturally, the promotion drew my attention. Yeah, those "big events" tend to be costly nowadays and the credit union… Continue reading Flying Solo

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A 21st Century Henny-Penny Tale

Alas and alack! Oh, woe is me! Here in the heart of Chicken-dale, northwest Arkansas, home to millions of white-feathered birds who eventually get delivered in one form or another to the grocery stores ... and after that, end up on platters at the center of our dinner tables ... there's a crisis of epic proportions… Continue reading A 21st Century Henny-Penny Tale

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The Shocking Lure of Celebrity

Usually, I take less than minimal interest in the ways congressmen or women choose to decorate their DC offices. It's mostly trivial to me. However, when a congressman decides to go with the Downton Abbey motif (at a cost of $40,000), that piques my curiosity (and causes me to question his wisdom). The unfortunate revelations surrounding U.S. Rep. Aaron… Continue reading The Shocking Lure of Celebrity

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The Church of Oprah, Bell and Zimzum

The recent conversation between Oprah and Rob Bell, featured in a video entitled Super Soul Sunday, has created lots of buzz over the last couple days. Perhaps the most striking comments emerging from this conversation – and the portion garnering the most attention – is Bell's assertion that the church (one would presume in context… Continue reading The Church of Oprah, Bell and Zimzum

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Deconstructing Fifty Shades of de Sade

Here we are ... celebrating Valentine's Day 2015. It's a long weekend due to the so-called Presidents' Day holiday ... which was initially a celebration for George Washington's birthday (the 22nd) ... but then was expanded to include Abraham Lincoln's birthday (the 12th) as well ... and when Congress suggested honoring all US presidents with a single holiday to be known as Presidents'… Continue reading Deconstructing Fifty Shades of de Sade

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Self-Indulgence and the Selfie

Yesterday's Washington Post article, Which image of Obama mugging for BuzzFeed’s cameras diminishes the presidency the most, ranked, offers an amusing and curious glimpse at our culture with its present fascination for the "selfie." I use the word amusing because the Buzz-Feed videos reflect a laid-back view of the President who, in an effort to convince people to sign up… Continue reading Self-Indulgence and the Selfie

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Race To The Top Shelf

When Barack Obama was elected to the presidency in 2008, the words post-racial America became a common utterance. Numerous broadcasts and print pieces expressed their optimism that the country – finally! – would move beyond the racist and racial attitudes that have long plagued our public (as well as private) discourse. An August 17th Washington… Continue reading Race To The Top Shelf

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Rebranding Despicable

Lately, I've been wondering, when did it become okay to kill children? Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, I know at least 50 million legal abortions have been performed in the United States. Yes, they were "legal" based on the standard instituted through the Supreme Court's Roe decision. Nevertheless, women who sought abortions used to drive to… Continue reading Rebranding Despicable