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Out of the Gate!

The horse-race has begun! Can't you just feel the anticipation? The excitement? The hotly-contested, fiercely-competitive quest for the checkered flag ... er, the green jacket ... er, the stretched-out tape at the finish line ... er, the party's nod to run for President – that doesn't necessarily mean victory and White House residency. You may actually have… Continue reading Out of the Gate!

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Just-In-Time Shopping

It's not often that I leave WalMart without having spent the better part of $100 (sometimes more), so it was with some disorientation that I exited a WalMart store last night with a completely empty cart and a full wallet. But I was frustrated. The exact product for which I had entered the store had… Continue reading Just-In-Time Shopping

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Preferred Pronoun Fitness

Currently, my Beloved is a dues-paying member of the now-famous (or infamous, depending upon one's point of view) Planet Fitness franchise of non-judgmental workout centers. The recent hubbub revolves around a female member who expressed her dismay (to PF management) and questioned the appropriateness of a naked – and obviously male – individual boldly ensconced in the women's… Continue reading Preferred Pronoun Fitness

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Do Black Lives Matter?

One of the lead stories of this morning's news was the monstrous traffic jam in Massachusetts I-93 caused by protesters, arms voluntarily inserted into sand- or concrete-filled barrels, positioned directly in the highway right-of-way reserved for vehicles. At least one report indicated the protesters wished to make a statement about "improving race relations" due to recent deaths… Continue reading Do Black Lives Matter?

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No(!) Opinion

Because my Beloved and I are one of the diminishing number of US households that continues to maintain a landline, we've gotten used to contending with repeated calls from Heather and/or Rachel from Card Services. Yes, our number is on the Do Not Call Registry. I've even gone so far as requesting the phone company… Continue reading No(!) Opinion

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Stop Calling Me!

Fair warning:  this post will be a major peeve-blog, a rant, an all-out hissy fit! I am MAD! If you think this might possibly offend your reading pleasure today, I urge you to take some time away and return when suitably prepared to participate in my full-bore detonation. Okay, if you're still reading, let's begin.… Continue reading Stop Calling Me!

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The End Game

Referring to what the TSA euphemistically styles "enhanced screenings," the wonderfully compliant news outlets in their soft-as-a-baby's-behind reporting (also, here and here) are now regurgitating the TSA-generated meme that "less than 3%" of the flying public is subjected to the heightened screening techniques. Wow, that's a relief! A measly 3% of airline passengers are ceding… Continue reading The End Game

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These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For . . .

Imagine this scenario: You're heading out of town for a long-anticipated holiday with extended family. The trip requires nine hours in a car so -- in spite of what you've heard/read about new TSA-sanctioned sexual assaults,  er, bureaucratic intimidations, er, safety screenings --  you opt to fly instead of taking the marathon but exhausting drive.… Continue reading These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For . . .

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Battle of the Bulges

A couple weeks back, my Beloved and I were emptying some items from the back of my car. I was in front of him, and he remarked offhandedly:  "You should probably invest in a bra that fits." I was too busy with other things to waste time being upset by his observation, but in the… Continue reading Battle of the Bulges