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Service To A Cruel God

Today's news that the convicted Boston Marathon bomber had been formally sentenced to death didn't surprise me. That awful atrocity from April 2013 cut short the lives of three people (one was an eight-year-old boy) and left 260 others injured, some maimed. They gunned down a fourth victim during the manhunt that followed the bombing.These were despicable acts… Continue reading Service To A Cruel God

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Three Minutes To Midnight

Perform a Google search for the term Doomsday Warning and a curious mixture of results pop up. On one side of the coin stand the naysayers who earlier this year advanced the symbolic Doomsday Clock two minutes because of concerns about global warming / climate change / or what people sometimes call weather.On the coin’s… Continue reading Three Minutes To Midnight

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Heroes Or Villains?

The trailer for the DC Comics superhero film, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a hot item this weekend. Watch the trailer here. As a one-time fan of both Batman (the Christian Bale film series from 2005-forward) and Superman (the George Reeves television series of the 1950s), I'm not particularly enthusiastic about forthcoming productions. For me,… Continue reading Heroes Or Villains?

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A Devouring Angel of Light

One of my friends has a loved one who suffers from chronic, unrelenting pain, a physical issue that rarely ebbs and can't be controlled by medications (since the guy chooses to remain aware of and active in the world around him). The man has a family and wants to hold onto his job, even though working… Continue reading A Devouring Angel of Light

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Walking Dead At Downton

On the surface, the two shows (The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey) could not be more different. What they do have in common is – at least here in the central time zone – both shows air at 8 p.m. on Sundays. That requires some juggling, yes, so maybe things are getting slightly muddled in my… Continue reading Walking Dead At Downton

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Deconstructing Fifty Shades of de Sade

Here we are ... celebrating Valentine's Day 2015. It's a long weekend due to the so-called Presidents' Day holiday ... which was initially a celebration for George Washington's birthday (the 22nd) ... but then was expanded to include Abraham Lincoln's birthday (the 12th) as well ... and when Congress suggested honoring all US presidents with a single holiday to be known as Presidents'… Continue reading Deconstructing Fifty Shades of de Sade

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Plugging A Movie

As actors Seth Rogen and James Franco prepared to plug their new movie, The Interview, for its release on Christmas Day, they probably didn't expect Sony studios to pull the plug on them. But that's exactly what happened. The film, billed as an "action-comedy," is described by reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes as a "guilty pleasure,"… Continue reading Plugging A Movie

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GroupThink On Campus

At Oxford, no less! The story this week shows how discourse on college campuses has become utterly homogenized. It began when the Oxford Students For Life (OSFL) announced they planned to sponsor a traditional debate on the affirmative motion:  "This House Believes Britain's Abortion Culture Hurts Us All." Two individuals were scheduled to deliver their responses to… Continue reading GroupThink On Campus

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Doomed To Repeat

Apparently, there are several people who have observed some variation of the quote:  those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Among those to whom this concept is attributed are Edmund Burke and George Santayana. As a child, history didn't make it to my Top 3 list. I've come to believe that was… Continue reading Doomed To Repeat

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Horrific things don't happen in the middle of the country ... at least that's what we who live in the middle of the country have believed for as long as I can recall. Life is usually quiet and laid back and mostly carefree. Don't get me wrong. I know bad things do sometimes happen. Parts… Continue reading Radicalized