Closing In On Four

Birthdays … my son and his wife planned a birthday celebration at our home today for their son. He won’t actually be four years old until Tuesday, so today was the best opportunity to invite his local cousins and friends over for a party! Lots of little ones underfoot and toys everywhere! Of course we had fun!

20140308_162814The picture at left is our grandson looking older than his nearly-four years. He is energetic, gregarious and affectionate. Before his playmates arrived, he was overflowing with excitement that we were about to have a birthday party … a birthday party just for him! Such enthusiasm warms this granny’s heart.

In celebration of his upcoming birthday, I thought I’d better post a piece of light verse I wrote about him last fall. (Since the title is Three Year Old, that description will be obsolete in two days.)

I’ve taken some poetic license in the poem. It’s not likely I’d be the one with whom he’d be riding a tractor or mowing grass. Nor would I be taking him to a fishing hole (though his mama or aunt might do so). All of the other things related to caring for farm animals would probably be handled by his other family members … remember, I’m a city girl! (I am able to make a peach pie, though.) The things mentioned in the poem are things he loves to do and the tenor of the poem is meant to evoke what animates this little guy.

That’s what I like about poetic license … I can imagine engaging in (and sharing) these activities without actually getting my hands dirty!

Happy Birthday, H___, and many more to come!

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Poem: Three Year Old

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