Do Black Lives Matter?

One of the lead stories of this morning’s news was the monstrous traffic jam in Massachusetts I-93 caused by protesters, arms voluntarily inserted into sand- or concrete-filled barrels, positioned directly in the highway right-of-way reserved for vehicles. At least one report indicated the protesters wished to make a statement about “improving race relations” due to recent deaths perceived to have a racial component.

protesters2In the photo above, the white barrel includes this warning:  Caution. Moving barrel will cause injury and prevent disengagement. Of course, this message was a subtle warning for law enforcement, a means to coerce officials to take every precaution before resolving the traffic snarl … protect the protesters no matter the costs and delays.

The protester manifestos are available online, but I have no intention of providing any additional web hits they’d love to have, so I won’t link here. In a nutshell, their protests were designed to deliberately shut down the highways leading “from the predominantly white, wealthy suburbs” into Boston.

Based on these words quoted from the protester manifesto, does anyone miss the veiled racism? Their assumption that black or brown Americans don’t live in (or commute from) the suburbs is astonishing! Their protest was implemented against every automobile traversing that highway … dark-skinned drivers weren’t simply permitted to pass through … the snarl affected every driver regardless of skin color. But keep in mind, #BlackLivesMatter.

Photo by @TimAlben / faces obscured so we don’t have to look at them

Really? How many black lives were inconvenienced because they couldn’t make it to work on time? How many black lives ended up canceling important appointments because they were stuck in traffic? How many black students were headed to classes that proceeded without them being present, resulting in vital information missed?

The protesters estimated their effort caused a snarl of more than four hours duration. (It may have been more; I don’t have the exact time.) No doubt they’re delighted to have pulled off this protest … because we must remember, #BlackLivesMatter.

I found their manifesto laughable in its contention that the majority of their protest group’s members are “non-Black people” who wish to “act in solidarity” and “disrupt a capitalist structure … of exploitation.” As one might easily predict, a paragraph or two later, they also note “We cannot end capitalism without ending white supremacy.Yada, yada, yada. But keep in mind, #BlackLivesMatter.

I’ve never understood this … don’t ALL LIVES MATTER? (#AllLivesMatter?) And if we must discriminate and assert only #BlackLivesMatter, why is it the color of one’s skin that becomes the decisive factor? Didn’t Martin Luther King Jr. (and his associates) march with the hope and intention – referenced in his I Have A Dream speech – “that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I have a dream today!

I know. I know. I’m speaking from my disgusting pedestal of white privilege which renders my opinion intolerable and unwelcome. However, I would like to believe these folks really mean it when they tout #BlackLivesMatter. How I wish they were sincere and not just a bunch of troublemakers seizing upon an issue they think will further their radical agenda!

Consider:  Since 1973 decisions instituting abortion on demand, 16 million black babies have been aborted. Even the Alan Guttmacher Institute cedes black women are five times more likely to abort than white women are. If this were true of any other ethnic group, the major news outlets would be talking about genocide and ethnic cleansing … but because it’s abortion – the highest sacrament of the feminist dogma, those 16 million black babies are ignored and casually erased from the history of mankind.

So tell me again. Do #BlackLivesMatter? Or is this Massachusetts demonstration (and others similar to it) just another in a long line of exploitations (yes, I’ll use their own word) designed to hoodwink the black community and to obfuscate the actual agenda of these thugs, to wit, destroying America from the inside?

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