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As a writer, I’m subject to the same inclinations as almost every other writer throughout time:  the unquenchable desire to have my words appear in print. I have had the privilege of selling poetry, prose and fiction, but to date, there isn’t a book on the shelf that declares me as its author.im-writing-a-book

Of course, I’ve compiled a book for you to write (another link here), but I consider that a completely different product. This particular book does have my name in it … but not on the cover because you must tell your story as you complete the book and only you can tell that story (not me).

When I was a younger woman, I often dreamed about the books I wanted to write … someday. I also used to dream about an agent (or a publishing house) calling me out of the blue to solicit my upcoming bestseller! (I told you it was a dream!) I had this delusional notion that my brilliance was so obvious, these publishing entities should jump at the chance to snag me into their stable, though I’d never even produced a book-length manuscript!! [I have now but it’s non-fiction.]

snoopy_writingNo, that scenario never happened – except in my dreams. And as most writers will attest, actually writing (instead of dreaming) is harder work, it’s arduous and requires the writer to actually produce, and thereafter, to re-write and edit and re-write some more.

Speaking for myself (from a more mature perspective), I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’ve never been one to feel good about having something I didn’t deserve; if I’d been snagged by a publisher without having put in the blood, sweat and tears, I probably wouldn’t be able to live with myself! Getting something for nothing has never been my style.

Since I’ve been blogging, the idea of having a published book has lost some of its sheen. When I realized that, I began to understand something about myself and my motivation. I’m not saying I’d never care for a book on my shelf with my name emblazoned across the front. I’m simply acknowledging that’s not why I write. The joy of writing is what energizes me! That realization makes me want to celebrate!

So … what better way to celebrate than to shop a book? I’ve been mulling over this concept for a book, the result of my life study in the area of literature. Of course, I’ve always been a fan of Shakespeare, as I’ve mentioned in numerous other posts of this blog. (Here’s a sample.) Shakespeare’s love of the sonnet is one I share and I hope someday to achieve a small measure of the esteem and reputation he has earned and deserved.

I haven’t put pen to paper to flesh out this manuscript yet. But I’ve already picked a working title. My thought is to discuss some of the salient points in Shakespeare’s writings and provide a scholarly study for why he made some of the decisions he did. For instance, why would he choose for Lady Macbeth to be troubled by sleepwalking and guilt over her (and her husband’s) bad actions? Such a stereotype! Wouldn’t it have been more egalitarian for Macbeth himself to suffer?

And those misogynistic tendencies of Shakespeare in The Taming of the Shrew! Oh, Will, Will, Will, how 16th century of you! Dost thou not know a damsel woos herself nowadays, or doth not woo at all?! Her counterpart is but a fading shadow on the wall. Ah, dear Bard, if you’d only planned ahead a bit, your efforts at literature might have been almost timeless, certainly prescient.

Now that I’ve provided a sneak peak at what I have in mind for this book I’ll be shopping, I’ve even taken a few moments to work on the cover … because I know the insides will be a snap as soon as I’ve got my cover finalized. I’m kind of excited by it! Take a look at this cover … and please, let me know what you think!

Potential Book Cover: BARD CHOICES



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