Each One, A Precious Gift

CharlotteAnneYesterday was World Down Syndrome Day. In a post I wrote last year, The Quest for Perfect, I included a video link that featured my niece, Charlotte (shown to the left).

Then not long ago, my daughter-in-law told me her good friend was pregnant and fearful the child she carried had Down syndrome. My response was to encourage DIL to be emphatic with her friend that all moms have challenges with their children. In fact, normal is not a word that should be top on the list of a mom’s vocabulary, because each of our children is unique; as a mom nurtures her children, she comes to understand what is “normal” for each individual child.

The video below celebrates World Down Syndrome Day and is a marvelous reminder of the blessing each child is. When you view the video, I suspect you’ll cry, just as I did. The video celebrates life and the precious bond between mother and child.


Hug a child today. Thank God for each child whose life touches yours. Recognize you’ve been given blessings beyond measure. I’ll be doing the same.

8 thoughts on “Each One, A Precious Gift

  1. That was lovely, thank you. Sometimes people with Down’s can teach you so much about life. I gave a woman a lunch box about 12 years ago and she still loves the thing. I once asked her how she stayed so cheerful and she told me, “I have a pink lunch box,” as if that explained everything.

    That really is the secret to happiness, being grateful for what you have and acting as if you have been gifted a great treasure. Most of us need everything in our lives to be going right before we’re happy. We can learn a lot from those who don’t think about it, they just do it.

    1. What a sweet perspective to have! Gratefulness in small things is what leads to gratefulness in big things. Why do we so often forget? Thanks for your meaningful comment. God bless!

  2. Reminds me of a gig we played last year when such a child came up to us after we played a certain song he really enjoyed. He danced as we played and everyone loved his joyful enthusiasm. He shook each of our hands afterwards and hugs were given. Such a special and warm moment, I cherish times like that.

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