Educated Opinions

Experts. We rely on them. We make life choices based on the advice of experts. Before having a vehicle/appliance/roof/computer repaired, we consult the expert, someone who by reputation has achieved a level of knowledge and expertise worthy of respect. In fact, we so highly value their abilities, we pay them.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

We crave the wisdom of medical experts. A highly-respected figure who’s both a physician and immunologist, for instance, would logically command attention and even admiration. Or a government official (less an expert but we listen nonetheless) may yield information worthy of consideration.

Unfortunately, mistakes happen. A physician could remove your leg instead of your appendix. Your computer guru could delete 30,000 emails instead of a virus on the hard drive. (It could actually happen!) In the real world, human beings – yes, even experts – can be miserably inept.

As I see it, we’ve cooperated (mostly) in following the medical and governmental recommendations and mandates. Experts toss an occasional bone to the public when the numbers improve enough for us to proceed to Phase 2, etc. Whoopie!

But the ever-cautious OG-Doc puts on his gravest medical tone and warns“We’re still in the first wave.” As for rallies? What kind of crazy is Yahoo News to wonder whether OG-Doc would ever attend a Trump rally?! Imbeciles! It’s an irony, to be sure. I wrote this sonnet with the so-called experts in mind.

Irony notwithstanding, we have a quandary. Whether you love or hate the so-called experts, they don’t deserve the gift of our rapt attention. Ponder this:  when you see a doctor and he tells you what’s wrong, you’re free to seek a second opinion. Second OPINION. First OG-Doc provided one diagnosis. By definition, seeking a second opinion means another doctor’s diagnosis could differ.

Over the last five or six months, people have lived and conducted businesses according to certain strict guidelines. Now, it seems as if those precious guidelines and recommendations (laws?) currently enforced –for our good – were hogwash!

Potentially, we could react with hysterics … close down lives and businesses, accept the indignity of masks and social distance “norms,” and recalibrate the psyche for a diminished life experience.

OR, we can summon the adult courage and common sense with which we’ve been blessed. Proverbs 11:14 tells us:  “Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory.” Governing officials aren’t the only ones who benefit from hearing other points of view. You and I have the ability to consult numerous counselors (experts) thanks to online resources. Learn! Study! Develop an informed understanding on a variety of issues.

Yes, almost everyone online purports to be an expert. Sort out the wheat from chaff. You can do this. You’re an adult. Decide via thorough examination (as the Bereans did) whether certain things are true, which ones still require evaluation and information you ignore.

Finally, don’t be cowed by the experts. They’ve offered educated opinions about the virus, including the exalted OG-Doc. Once you’ve researched things for yourself, you’ll have an educated opinion as well.

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