With the various apocalyptic pronouncements I’ve heard related to the upcoming “total solar eclipse” on Monday, April 8th, I decided there were definitely several poems I needed to post for National Poetry Month before the world is expected to be plunged into darkness for the foreseeable future! If April must have both its eclipse and National Poetry Month, then let’s go out with a bang, right?!

Of course, this possible world-ending event means I must take time to address the recent tempest-in-a-teapot kerfuffle  which occurred a week ago. It began with a Presidential proclamation which happened to intersect with the Christian observance of Resurrection Sunday/Easter, commemorating the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ, our God come in the flesh.

Numerous people of faith were scandalized, expressing their dismay with loud gnashing of teeth, while other people of faith yawned or nodded in disbelief. As the week has gone on, there’s been less kerfuffle-ing … and maybe more disbelief. Could our world be anymore upside-down, inside-out than it is? The answer in all likelihood, of course, is yes, it could get worse.

I’ll give others a chance to rail on the ins-and-outs of our crazy culture. But I can’t help laughing about it … and writing poems to reflect the absurdities. Hence, the sonnet below may not be my only commentary, but on this, the 6th day of National Poetry Month, it must suffice.

Genderless, a sonnet

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