Happy Birthday, My Beloved!

Today, March 1st, is a special day we’re celebrating at our house. It is my dear Beloved’s birthday. He is my best friend, a mentor, and my respected spiritual leader. It’s almost impossible for me to recall a time when he wasn’t part of my life. Even before I knew him, I knew the kind of man I hoped (and prayed) my husband would be … and when I met him, I knew he was the one I’d been waiting for.

Beloved Patriot

In the picture above, I positioned his face over the image. Among his other fine qualities, I’m glad to acknowledge he is a patriot. The notion of patriotism has lost some of its sheen, unfortunately. But I’m pretty certain if he’d been alive in 1776, his name would have been included with all the other signers on the Declaration of Independence (maybe not entirely legible though) and he’d have been standing next to George Washington on the battlefields, fighting during our War for Independence.

My Beloved isn’t perfect … but he is amazing! Even though this is his birthday (and not our anniversary), I decided to post another anniversary sonnet. After more than half a century of life together, we look back in gratefulness for all we’ve shared and how God has blessed!

This is an Englark sonnet, a form I created a number of years ago. For sonnet aficionados, the form follows an a-b-a-a, b-c-b-b, c-d-c-c, d-d rhyming format. (More than likely, most people probably don’t care, but just in case …)

Anniversary Journey, An Englark Sonnet

I am blessed to know this man, and blessed to be his wife. Happy birthday, my Beloved!

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