Just Believe?

Earlier in the year, I viewed an advertising tease for a new television series titled Believe. The fantasy, drama, science fiction aspects of the series sounded intriguing. Combining all those elements into a successful production, though, seemed (to me) as if it would be an impossible challenge, except on the list of executive producers was the highly-regarded J. J. Abrams. I thought the series might earn my attention.BelieveTV

Judging by the picture at left, we have a visually appealing, seemingly innocent young character. This young girl is thought to have supernatural powers, while the villain/boogie-man is a government agency interested in utilizing the main character’s powers for their nefarious ends. A prison escapee of slightly dubious credentials is chosen to protect the girl and keep her hidden from the villains.

As things turned out, I never caught a single episode of the series, so I’m ill-equipped to offer any assessment of it. From what I’ve read online, however, the series has been cancelled. I guess the reputation of Abrams wasn’t enough to ensure success with the audience.

The night I saw the preview, the show’s name stuck in my head. Rolling around up there inevitably started the words taking form and within a short time, voilà! A poem! Specifically, a sonnet. I present it below.

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Sonnet: Believe

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