Mairzy Doats and Dozy Doats

From the time I was born, I had feeding issues. Those were the days when breastfeeding was on the decline and my parents had difficulty finding a milk-product I could digest. Cow’s milk made me sick so they began testing the potential of other similar milks.goatsEventually, they settled on goat’s milk which enabled me to thrive. Those were also the days when goat’s milk wasn’t sold in every grocery store. I’m not sure where they found goat’s milk in our relatively large city because I doubt it was readily available … I’m just glad they found it!

Once I graduated to solid food, my belly matured enough that I didn’t have serious food challenges. However, there were plenty of foods I didn’t care to eat. (Truthfully, my daddy was a picky eater and I know I must have watched him turn up his nose at multiple foods, especially vegetables. I learned from him … but then I ventured out on my own. He’d eat peas and lima beans, while I’ve always gagged on them!)

In adulthood, I simply steered clear of the foods I didn’t enjoy. That was easy enough. If we were out to eat somewhere, I’d scoot the peas or lima beans to the side of my plate and my Beloved would enjoy them. At home, the best I could manage was an occasional small can of English peas warmed up for my Beloved’s sole consumption. (Can you see how amazingly patient he is with selfish old me?)

milkman19After our youngest son was born, I began having stomach issues again. Keeping a food diary, I learned exactly what caused my issue! As in my infancy, cow’s milk was the culprit.

Twice weekly, a local dairy in our town delivered milk – in old-fashioned half-gallon glass bottles no less! The product was whole milk and each bottle came with about half an inch of cream in the bottle’s neck. That milk was delightful … until I found myself suffering from lactose intolerance! You can’t imagine how downcast that diagnosis made me – no more milk for me? How will I live?!

In the years since, I’ve learned to avoid milk. And I’ve learned about the host of other food issues, intolerances, allergies and hypersensitivities from which people suffer. There was a time when my eldest daughter (then a teenager) thought she might be allergic to chocolate; she absolutely loved York’s peppermint patties and usually ate a couple a day. Again the question, this time coming from my daughter’s lips:  How will I live?!YorkPatty

Having experienced these issues, I’m sympathetic with others who also have issues. I know some conditions may even be life-threatening (as in someone with a serious peanut allergy). When someone comes to our home for a meal, I’m eager to accommodate his or her food challenges and special requirements. However, in addressing one food issue, I’m been known to stumble unwittingly into another! (Yep, that’s the kind of “cook” I tend to be.)

I’ve also learned through observing our culture that certain food issues can be (and often are) elevated to unique status as “fashionable.” A celebrity writes a book about certain food struggles and people immediately measure their symptoms, believing the symptoms mirror the celebrity’s description! A dietician suggests that this or that food is causing a host of disorders and complaints, and multitudes instantly re-orient their eating habits.

The video below provides an interesting commentary about fashionable foodies. Though I’m not gluten intolerant, I couldn’t help laughing and laughing some more at this creative presentation!

The title of my post refers to an old novelty song from 1943 that became a number one hit in 1944. As a kid, I remember thinking the words were actually mares eat goats and does eat goats.

Naturally, having been nurtured in infancy on goat’s milk, my heart was pricked that goats were being haphazardly eaten by mares and does! What if a baby needed goat’s milk to live, but the goats had disappeared from the land … thanks to those ravenous mares and does? As a city girl, how would I have known otherwise?

But maybe there was a saving grace. My concern for the goats had its bright spot … I steered clear of the song’s last line:  a kid will eat ivy, too, wouldn’t you?

6 thoughts on “Mairzy Doats and Dozy Doats

  1. LOL! Oh dear, that gluten video was just too funny. That is exactly what it is like these days. I live smack in the middle of the organic, free trade, gluten free vegan spirituality movement. It just gets pretentious and annoying after a while.

    My oldest had a pretty good milk allergy and still does, so I empathize. She had quite a struggle with it, but today she has gotten quite good at finding substitutes.

    1. Yes, I loved that video! Glad you got a kick out of it too. I know there are legitimate food issues, but like so many other things, our conversation about them can be silly. The video helps us to laugh at ourselves. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Oh, Renee, I loved this and the video! I can so relate and now will watch out to not be a ‘preacher’ but I truly am GF now and it’s an amazing difference. As a matter of fact, I just had surgery and the local Fayetteville hospital prepared three trays to come to my room and they were all, without the slightest error, correct in that they took in to account that I am a diabetic, Gluten sentitive, severely lactose intolerant and have a fatty liver so no bacon was sacrificed for my use. I did not think that could be done. But, let me say this…………….I decided to boycott all flour period, any foods with any flour gluten free or otherwise at beginning of year and dropped 22#. Bingo!

    1. Wow, Nancy! That is amazing. I just saw a FaceBook post for cauliflower pizza crust (gluten-free)!

      I know there are people with serious GI challenges (you for one), and I was hesitant to include the video because I didn’t want to hurt feelings … but the video is such a hoot, I couldn’t stop myself!!

      I look forward to visiting with you on your successes! Thanks for commenting.

  3. My church offers gluten-free communion which seems silly since I doubt that a half-inch cube of bread is much of a hazard. I cringe when they mention it. The video makes me feel vindicated.
    Goat milk is great. I took care of dairy goats for a while and learned to enjoy it. In spite of Christ’s words, goats are graceful
    and versatile creatures.

    1. Even though I have food issues, I loved this video! I often wonder how many people would starve to death (out of choice) rather than eat something with gluten in it?

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