March On Women

In between my Beloved’s birthday (Friday, March 1) and Easter (Sunday, March 31), the March calendar for me has been filled with diversions! According to my desk calendar, we’ve observed Super Tuesday (3/5), the beginning of Daylight Saving Time (3/10), St. Patrick’s Day (3/17), and the First Day of Spring (3/19). Still ahead, this being Holy Week), we celebrate Palm Sunday (today), Good Friday (3/29) and the apex of Holy Week (Resurrection Day) on Easter Sunday. Phew! A busy month!

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Imagine my chagrin, then, when I realized the month of March had also been designated (by Congress) as Women’s History Month (WHM) in addition to the United Nations choosing March 8 as International Women’s Day (IWD) … though neither of these designations was deemed significant enough to appear in the notations on my desk calendar! Is it even possible I could be any more verklempt?!

First things first … I am a woman. Contrary to conventional expectations though, I don’t always share a similar mindset with my peers. In this case, I’m extremely dismayed with having a day or a month during which to celebrate my gender! What’s the point of it? (Is there a day or month to celebrate men? Or redheads who own poodles? Or tall people who’ve attained a specific height? If not, then why are women singled out?)

In addition, having read about the Socialist Party underpinnings of WHM and IWD, I find I’m even more annoyed. Issues on which these particular “holidays” (the day or the month) purport to focus include women’s rights, gender equality, reproductive rights, violence and abuse against women. Promotion of such ideas (buzz words, really, or dog whistle strategies) are NOT generally agreed upon by all (or even the majority of) women. I doubt my sense of these issues will align with the activist’s vision or belief.

We’ve arrived at a disturbing fork in the road. While the culture claims to respect women and their interests, almost daily we witness outrageous incidents of men invading women’s previously private spaces. Biological men who can’t compete in sports against their male peers now seek to “identify” as women in order to hijack the athletic awards and honors once reserved solely for biological females! Women are – once again –stripped of personal dignity and relegated to a minority status.

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It’s a generalization, yes, but women are (by nature) peacemakers. In our particular social spheres, we work to maintain social equilibrium. Unfortunately, this tendency means we serve as unwitting accomplices to our own destruction! Instead of drawing a necessary line in the sand, we’re prone to make nice, wear a smile on our faces, and remain mum as we endure banishment.

We should vehemently oppose being erased, obliterated, cast into irrelevancy! Once upon a time, there was a unified moral consensus which venerated women. In New Testament scriptures, we note the frequent presence of women during the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ. He set a high bar of honor, treating women with courtesy and consideration.

However, the current transformation of the social landscape seems a strange departure in light of other eras (not so long ago) when women were adamant to receive due respect and consideration. They marched to obtain well-deserved equal status as members of the human community! They agitated for full acceptance!

The sonnet below speaks to this modern derangement. As Holy Week begins, let’s seek the One in whose image we were created … and refuse to indulge delusional, ungodly choices.

Stag Nation, a sonnet

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