Moving Days

Our upstairs neighbors (older son, his wife and son) vacated the upstairs for new digs yesterday. (Read this post for the first details about their residency with us.) They are purchasing a beautiful new home and spent their first night there after packing and moving belongings all day.Truck

They’ve been looking for a house the last seven months. Truth be told, we were getting used to them being upstairs and truly enjoying the extended family atmosphere. When I woke up this morning, I waited for my grandson to walk down the stairs and shyly peak around the doorway as he is wont to do. But when he didn’t come, I took a look out the window and realized both his parents’ vehicles were gone.

We do still have our twenty-something grandson (whose bedroom is on the main floor) living with us. But with three members of the extended family gone from our midst, the house seems generally quieter. Now comes the process of corralling the numerous toys (once kept in the upstairs playroom) that have been spread to and fro throughout the house. Then comes the process of gathering up remnants belonging to son/daughter-in-law/grandson that were misplaced during the last seven months and need to be returned to their ownership. It will no doubt be an ongoing process.

When my Beloved heard our upstairs would once more be vacant (except when holiday guests come to town), he posed an interesting question:  who do you suppose will be our next visitors? It seems the extra 1200+ square feet have only been “extra” in the sense that we’re not always actively using the space. Like an empty chair in a room full of people, there’s always space for someone else.

I like that. I’ve always enjoyed the fun of having house-guests and while there are some folks I’m glad to see go after just a couple days, others (like my son’s family) are welcome to stay as long as they need or like. I have urged my mom (repeatedly) to move in with us (she currently lives alone) but her independent spirit won’t allow her to give up even a smidgeon of independence unless she’s completely forced into it.

While I don’t expect a line-up of folks knocking at my front door, I can’t deny I’m curious to see who the Lord will bring our way next. Maybe it’ll be you?

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