My Father’s World

As I get older, I find taking time off on what some folks refer to as “The Lord’s Day” brings me back to the week ahead with renewed vigor. Taking time off doesn’t mean I lie abed all day, but the ordinary tasks that keep my hands and mind far too occupied during a normal week are generally set aside on Sundays. (I know with surety they will be waiting for me on Monday morning!)

In keeping with that practice, today’s post is a brief one. But I hope its substance will offer a moment of quiet worship and/or reflection for you.

I think there’s something about a cappella music that soothes the soul. It’s a challenge for a group of singers to perform without the advantage of instrumental (keyboards, rhythm, etc.) accompaniment. A cappella music focuses on one’s voice as the “instrument.” This kind of performance is exacting but beautiful.

In an earlier post, I offered a video of an a cappella presentation where all nine parts were recorded (audio and video) by one talented musician. Here’s another one, a rendition of the old hymn, This is My Father’s World, recorded in six-part harmony by musician James Rose.


According to the information provided about the hymn at Wikipedia, atheist Penn Jillette says the hymn was his favorite growing up and he uses the song as intro music on his podcasts.

If I had to choose between the Jillette podcast intro or James Rose’s a cappella performance, I’d choose the latter. Just my opinion. Others may differ.

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