My Week At Summer Camp

With the Fall session of school about to commence for school children across the fruited plain, I imagine there will be plenty of first-week assignments where children will write about their summer activities. Please allow me to be among the first to contribute as I offer this summary of My Week at Summer Camp.summer_camp

Yes, I’m being slightly whimsical here  … my week at summer camp was actually not a literal week (6 days) and not spent at a summer camp, but rather, at my mom’s home. However, in keeping with the Summer Camp theme, let’s call her place Camp MommaRuthePesaukee. (The name has to have an American Indian ending or it won’t sound authentic.) But let me assure you, this particular Summer Camp is just about the best one I’ve ever experienced and every single time I come, we’re able to create the best memories ever!

2014-08-09 21.32.17

The cabin staff was well-prepared for me when I arrived. I was ushered to a homey lower-level room decorated in woodland green and brown with a wildflower theme, a delicate decor complete with straw crafts (see left) adorning the walls. Such a fine specimen of camper craftsmanship and creativity, combining local materials and the camp’s abundant supply of straw!

My cabin’s room includes an example of local flora, and I can see at least one task ahead of me; the plant sorely needs this camper’s attention. (I will try to do my part during my stay.)

Lights Out that first night came late, due to my late arrival. As I dreaded, Reveille the next morning came way too soon! But I didn’t shirk. No, no. Getting up early, going to bed late … those are some of the qualities about Summer Camp that make it so memorable! Go, go, go!

Orientation Day:

As soon as we assembled for Orientation Day, it was obvious there were numerous activities from which to choose! The big challenge would be getting signed up. Sometimes, sign-ups require spending more time in line than one might hope, but I guess that’s the trade-off for being at such a top-notch Summer Camp. (I wouldn’t want to complain or suggest there’s a more expeditious way to conduct sign-ups. With all their years of experience handling thousands of Social Security accounts, er… Campers … through the years, surely the sign-up process has been streamlined as much as possible, right?)

After we finished our sign-ups, we didn’t waste any more time … we were off for the real fun! We decided the Scavenger Hunt might prove entertaining. (Good thing we weren’t on foot because the distances between one hearing instrument vendor and the others would’ve gotten us back to the cabin way past Lights Out!) As it was, it took more time than expected and we made it back to Camp just in time to glimpse the last embers of the nightly bonfire. It was spectacular!

Crafts Day:

When it comes to deciding which activity I enjoy more, the typical Summer Camp pastimes like boating or swimming take a back seat (in my book) if there are handcraft activities. I enjoy working with my hands!

This year at Camp MommaRuthePesaukee, I enjoyed a variety of handcrafts. My tribal leader and camp counselor (MommaRuthe) decided to test my skills at completing rudimentary sewing projects using only the supplies on hand. Several items that required hemming needed to be accomplished without benefit of needle and thread. It’s a good thing I’m resourceful, and with MommaRuthe’s expert counsel, I’m learning to become even more resourceful!2014-08-09 22.30.29

We completed Crafts Day with a fairly pedestrian project, the old standby … creating a decorative keychain. (MommaRuthe’s LifeStation help button necklace needed to be transformed into a pin-able pendant, see picture at right.)

Family Day:

Of course, Family Day is usually a highlight of Summer Camp. Homesickness can be a serious problem for novice Campers and Family Day helps relieve unease. This year’s Family Day was an even more delightful occasion, given the out-of-town visitors who joined us!

MommaRuthePesaukee PowWow:

Every year, the last night of Summer Camp in spent gathered around the biggest bonfire of all, with the moon shining in the sky above, and all Campers and Counselors singing the dearly-beloved MommaRuthePesaukee PowWow Farewell Medley of Favorite Songs. The moon on this evening was not quite full, but the fire burned brightly and our hearts were overflowing at the ending of another successful Summer Camp experience.

A rousing chorus of Kum ba yah concluded the sweet gathering and all Campers returned to their cabins, exhausted but ready for their home-going travels first thing in the morning.

Can’t wait until Summer Camp time is here again next year!

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