New Year – New Me?

The year is now 2020, a New Year (as well as a new decade) which frequently signifies the proverbial fresh start. This new beginning presents a chance to modify one’s behavior, an opportunity to “turn over a new leaf” or begin again (by establishing new habits, resolving to eat healthier, exercise more, reduce screen time, etc.). Many of us find we’re captive to at least one bad habit and we’re anxious to exchange that bad habit for a new – and preferable habit, am I right?

In this New Year, there’s also a subtle reference to sight. Think about the common term for visual acuity – 20/20 – which widens the opportunity for reflection. In my view, 2020 is more than a particular year on our calendar; it’s an invitation to embrace the year ahead with clear-eyed thinking … and doing.

A recent tv segment explored New Year’s resolutions. The host noted 93% of people make resolutions but only 45% stick with their resolutions past February. This tells me people think they’d like a fresh start but they’re notoriously ambivalent with the follow-through. Instead of pursuing a version of the improved New Me, the status quo is less threatening.

For people prone to list-making, this cartoon seems apropos.  By making resolutions – even half-hearted ones – we entertain the possibility our lives will improve in the year ahead. These efforts are unlikely, however, to actually produce the New Me.

That’s why the admonition for visual acuity (20/20 clarity) in this new year of 2020 offers a unique perspective. I’m reminded I already have access to the New Me … through Jesus Christ. Second Corinthians 5:17 assures me:  “… if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:  The old has gone, the new is here!”

That’s good news since it requires neither resolution-making nor the self-flagellation which frequently results when our best efforts have fallen short. In this year 2020, as I fix my eyes on Christ (Hebrews 12:2), I’m confident the New Me (a new creation, more like Christ each passing day) will continue to emerge.

Good to know, because I hate making lists.

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