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It’s Tuesday, January 31, 2012! That means, at 11:59 p.m. this evening, I will be choosing one of my blog’s subscribers to receive a copy of A BOOK ABOUT ME (which really isn’t about me). If you’ll read my blog posting Fifteen Minutes a Day, it will provide specifics for entry into this giveaway, then decide whether or not to throw your name in the hat for a copy of the book.

For now, as a reminder about the giveaway, I thought I’d provide a little more information about the book itself.

It may be purchased via Amazon. As you can tell from the picture of the front cover, it’s spiral-bound. Inside are pages (one for every day of the year) on which YOU can write your personal story.

To give you an understanding of how the book is organized, here’s a reproduction of the Table of Contents.

Beginning with January 1, each day poses a question or questions and provides fill-in boxes where you can write your answer. (It works something like a diary, but don’t worry. You can start writing wherever you like — it’s your book! You can even take time to ponder a question before writing your answer in the space provided.)

Each month focuses on one particular aspect of life. Here’s what the first pages of January look like.

This simple format permits you to tell your once-upon-a-time story! Whether the written answer is a sentence or a paragraph, each day’s entry sketches your personal portrait in fuller detail.

If you like, you might give copies of this book to your loved ones whose stories you’re dying to know. The book is an invaluable aid in gathering some of the tales and life experiences your loved ones may never have shared with you (or anyone) before.

You won’t need exceptional writing skills nor storytelling talents, but capturing your loved one’s memories into book form will preserve those details for you and for succeeding generations.

True Story:  A friend of mine (I’ll call him Jim) bought one of the books and gave it to his father. When his father died suddenly, Jim was overwhelmed by the loss, but when he began going through his father’s belongings, he found the book and — much to his delight — discovered a treasure-trove of stories his dad had left for him!

The book covers more than ordinary vital statistics and easily-obtained factual data. Some questions address the untold story — how your loved one looks (today) at life decisions made at crucial turning points of life. Here’s a sample page from the latter part of the book that delves into The Road Not Taken:

Okay, I hope I’ve given an adequate overview of the book as something about which you can get excited. I love once-upon-a-time stories! Even though I may not know you personally, I’m confident your once-upon-a-time is worthy of telling (and reading) and preserving for loved ones not yet born.

Don’t let that story get away from you. Once upon a time might be gone before you know it! (Announcement of the giveaway winner will be in tomorrow’s post.)

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