Onward To 2015

Okay, we’re coming up on the hour when you’ll want to grab that bottle of bubbly and pop the cork to welcome in another New Year … or is it the time to give the old year a boot in the rear as it slinks out the proverbial door? Or, maybe it’s both?

happy_new_year_2015_desktop_wallpaperWhatever your understanding is, tonight’s definitely the night and I know there are plenty of people hoping 2015 will be a better year for them than 2014 was. (As my guys sit and watch their football games, I’m hearing this bowl season has turned into a disappointment for SEC hopes. I’m philosophical about it … there’s always next year.)

But as we close out 2014, I think of it as an appropriate time for … a poem (what else?!) … and in light of the last couple days’ adventure with our grandchildren, I couldn’t help but draw a parallel between saying goodbye to them this morning (as they returned home with their parents) to saying adieu to the old year.

It’s a silly poem, not quite drivel but certainly borderline inane. (Having spent my brain-power over the last several days trying to keep two steps ahead of my grandchildren, there wasn’t much reserve from which to draw today!) But I offer it here with a celebratory spirit and my wish that your New Year be everything you desire for it to be. May God richly bless you in 2015!

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A Grand Year

4 thoughts on “Onward To 2015

  1. Renee’,
    Loved this about 2015! And I thought the poem was very clever, but then I’m most certainly biased.
    Just wanted to share my good news. Our son, Russell is home for Christmas for the first time in over ten years. He leaves Sat. for Wichita training and then returns here for two days before going back to India.
    Things are still a little rocky and he’s not staying with us but comes by every day and texts
    us but at least I can see him and give him a hug once in a while.
    I am praising God for his visit and just wanted to share with you, my sister in Christ.


    1. Sherron, thanks for commenting. I am thrilled to hear Russell has been home and connecting with y’all! What an answer to prayer … and we’ll continue to pray! R.

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