Every poet has a unique process for creating. Though all poets start with the same raw material (we employ words), we set words to work in a variety of ways.

What I like to do is roll words around in my brain. Eventually, combinations begin to form! Occasionally, several combinations form in quick succession. When that happens, I’ve learned I need to write them down asap because if I get distracted (and that tends to happen far too often!), the snippets vanish almost as quickly. Ha! I have enough snippets scrawled onto scrap paper and collected in a folder, I don’t think I’ll ever finish them all.

This piece of whimsy expresses some of what I keep in mind as I write. (I guess you might say I write pieces like this one to remind myself what’s important!) The poem isn’t meant to be brilliant, just a lighthearted approach to verse. Enjoy!

Modus-Operandi, poetry, writing poetry, light verse, tickle me with poetry, poem
Poem: Modus Operandi


4 thoughts on “Poetickle

  1. Fun poem! Wish I worked more your way. My way is to carve out some time, tell everyone to leave me alone, stare at a blank paper or screen, moan and sigh, fall asleep, wake up and eat something, pull my hair, stare some more, and if I’m lucky eventually some idea comes to mind and then I start playing with words. Not very efficient, but that’s the way it happens for me.

    1. LOL! If it works for you, you’ve gotta stick with it. I think my way has something to do with my flightiness; problem is, when things fly away quicker than I can get them on paper!

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