Psyche Me!

There’s a phrase from The Scarlet Pimpernel that often comes to mind. “Sink Me!” (I can’t recall if it’s in the Baroness D’Orczy book of the same name, but in the film, Sir Percy Blakeney uses the phrase very effectively to depict the foppishness of his character.)

Instead of sink me! today, psyche me seems a more appropriate title for this post because the psyche (my psyche) has ways of sinking me. Hence, a little whimsy for a Thursday that’s feeling like a Friday. (Maybe I’m just anxious to close this week out early?) There are plenty of people who share my personality quirks. This poem is for all of us.

Read it and then we’ll quickly gather for an early, end-of-the-week group hug!

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Poem: Anxiety 2

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