Put On Your Sonnet Bonnet!

April isn’t over, so even though I haven’t mentioned it in recent posts, we’re still celebrating National Poetry Month!

NPM1Regular readers of my blog know my fondness for the sonnet form. Posts from July 30, 2010 and October 23, 2013 relate one of my goals was (is) to write one hundred sonnets. The earlier post mentioned that I’d originally set the goal to be accomplished in a single year. I fell short and decided it was more realistic to adopt this as a lifetime goal. (Phew!)

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The Redeemed Reader website is one I enjoy. With a primary focus on children’s literature, the writers of Redeemed Reader offer book reviews, interviews and a ton of other resources for cultivating a love of reading. Though my childhood is far in the past, I can still enjoy being a child at heart and their posts provide me with food for thought and enjoyment.

Truthfully, I wish I’d had this website as a resource back when I home-educated my kiddos. I consider their posts a gold-mine … I and my children would have cherished RR input way back when!

Imagine my delight when earlier this month Redeemed Reader announced their salute to National Poetry Month and challenged aspiring young poets to test their skill at the sonnet form! (The contest ends at midnight tonight.)

In addition to some helpful general instruction in the Shakespearean sonnet form (with links to other sonnets written by well-known poets), Redeemed Reader included a bonus … a link to a sonnet template as a helpful tool for beginning sonnet writers. This printable template unpacks the sonnet form for students (of all ages).

You don’t have to be an aspiring young poet (i.e. school-age) to try your hand at the sonnet form. Grab a copy of that RR template now, print it out and give it a whirl! Come on, you know you want to do it!

… Of course, I hope you’ll share your results here!

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