Random Vicissitudes

Most people understand – at least in a theoretical sense – how quickly life can change. In the two months since I last posted, the silence hasn’t come about due to a lack of blogging material. No, no, no. Furthermore, every single day without a post brought a deeper sense of unease … the pattern of my life seeming slightly upended! Red-Pencil

But the respite from my daily pattern was necessary and welcome … necessary because life demanded I attend other matters and welcome because it freed me (somewhat) from my irrational obsession to slavishly maintain daily posts – no matter what! With each day that passed, my figurative pencil grew more insistent and red-faced. Much to my surprise, people continued to drop by and read previous posts. (I am gratefully humbled by your interest.)

The dictionary.com website tells me vicissitude is a word “Few English speakers likely know ….” This assertion surprises me. It’s a word I like! May I suggest English speakers aren’t familiar with the definition because it’s easier to talk about change or phases of life. Change is something we English speakers understand experientially.

Aging Sucks

During my blogging hiatus, my mother celebrated her 89th birthday and was diagnosed with another blood disorder. As if being almost completely blind and having a genetic disorder known as Factor V Leiden (thrombophilia) weren’t enough! Now she has an added complication – thrombocythemia, a condition affecting normal platelet levels. (Before the diagnosis, she expressed anxiety the blood test results might indicate she had leukemia.) In my research, I’ve read resources claiming the condition is “rare” while other resources say it’s “common.” Which is it?

I can’t answer that question but it gave me pause when my mother said she was being treated with a daily dose of hydroxyurea. Would you be comfortable taking any drug with urea in the name?

Cancer Sucks

It should go without saying … but cancer sucks. When my younger daughter was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in August, this was a sobering blow to all of us. She’s a young mother with three small children and an active life. With her usual aplomb, our daughter demonstrates her positive outlook on life. I think she deserves great admiration. Her August 21st FaceBook post (below) is an inspiring example of courage.Abby-FB-post

One’s troubles often seem monumental, but inevitably, we cross paths with others whose circumstances are even more dire. About the time of our daughter’s cancer diagnosis, one of her friends (also a mother a young children) was suddenly widowed. I can’t imagine the grief and suffering this young mother and her children have experienced, now and for years to come!

Update on The Book of Job

The seemingly insurmountable vicissitudes of life challenge all of us. Since finishing my sonnet study on The Book of Job, the universality of Job’s life continues to resonate with me. Following my final post on the book (eight weeks ago), I continued studying Job. I wrote additional sonnets, revised those I’d already written, and formatted the entire work into printable form … with the intention of future publication. The details have yet to be nailed down but it will happen and I’ll eventually post info in this space.

Given the vicissitudes of life, maintaining a blog can prove challenging … it can be either an enjoyable hobby or a compulsion (for people like me). In October of 2013, I launched into a 31-Day Blogging Challenge but instead of stopping (or slowing down) at the end of 31 days, I posted daily for almost two years. At this point, I’ve decided to adopt a less rigid schedule (so I’ll actually have time to write other things).

Thanks for sticking with me this far, and I hope you’ll continue to check in regularly. And don’t forget to turn your clocks back next Saturday night! (You’re welcome.)

2 thoughts on “Random Vicissitudes

  1. I’ve been wondering what happened to you but never at a time I could whip out the iPad and ask. So sorry about all this poo that has come into your life. I hope your mom and daughter are hanging in there and healing! And yes, I agree about aging and how quickly life can change. Seven months ago my sister seemed to be fine. She and her husband were living their regular busy lifestyle. Then she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was in heaven 20 days later. Three weeks ago Vernon had a “mild” stroke. I just learned today that he has several new brain bleeds and will never recover. Hospice will probably be called in soon. Thankfully we both know the God who is sovereign over all! Congratulations on your forthcoming book!

  2. Renee, So good to ‘see’ you back. It didn’t dawn on me that things other than the details of the successful Lincoln Day Event were afoot in keeping you from your publishing. I don’t know if you daughter lost her para-thyroid as well but if she did, I’ll share some things that my sister went through until her system got re-regulated. Hope mom and daughter and all involved are doing better every day that goes by.

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