Refuse to Cower!

As National Poetry Month 2024 comes to its end, we acknowledge poetry’s ongoing influence in our lives. Though I will continue to post poems, I will refrain from daily posts for now … maybe until next April? No, I’m pretty sure I’ll post again before next year.

I began the month with a lighthearted April Fools Day poem. And it’s worth mentioning on this day fifty-eight years ago, The Church of Satan was founded. Though I hesitate to draw attention to this founding, I recognize the pervasive lure toward New Age spirituality and away from traditional Christianity.

So, this is an excellent opportunity to return to one of my favorite authors, C. S. Lewis. Back in 2021, I posted about his book The Screwtape Letters. Lewis wrote Screwtape as something of an instruction manual from one senior demon to his trainee. In my earlier post I first mentioned my work on what I titled The Screwtape Sonnets, a retelling (through sonnet sequences) of these conversations between two devils.

It’s been three years since that initial post. The project was completed some while ago. Unfortunately, like so many poetry projects, where’s the market? I recall arguing (at the time) with my inner Screwtape who laughed and pooh-poohed my efforts. Nevertheless, I kept on writing the sonnets and it was gratifying (for me) even though publishers won’t clamor at my door to get the project into print.

A quick read of national and local news reminds us how anxious and fearful people are today. The pandemic was a harbinger. The war between Russia and Ukraine, between Israel and Gaza, the protests occurring on campuses across the nation … all of these speak to fearfulness simmering within the human spirit.

The sonnet below is a reminder we should not fear. We can be confident God is still on His throne.

The Screwtape Sonnets, Epigraph III

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