Road Rage

410238Back in the days when sport utility vehicles (SUVs) were a relatively new item, I remember people expressing mixed feelings about these automobiles. As the minivan fell out of fashion, lots of moms in the suburbs were trading them in for SUVs. But there was concern because the size of many SUVs introduced a love-hate relationship. While the vehicles were safer (to the occupants) in a collision, a Ute’s size and weight put smaller autos at significant disadvantage. For some Ute buyers, safety was precisely what appealed to them.

During that time, the Ute often suffered from bad press. In fact, I remember reading more than a few news stories where writers assigned almost human qualities to these objects! For instance, a news headline might read:  3 Killed When SUV Rams Into Sidewalk Café.

This kind of headline happened often enough to be amusing to me. Eventually, I decided it required some verse and the poem below was my tongue-in-cheek effort to joke about this phenomenon.

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Poem: S-U-V Jihad


Today, it’s not easy to find a story about an anthropomorphized SUV (that is, acting independently from their drivers). I’m glad I can go out on the roads again!

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