Speedy Mis-Judgments

Continuing with my personal observance of National Poetry Month 2024, I might have been tempted to start out by stating another day … another poem. Blah, blah, blah. Instead, early this morning, an unexpected distraction sent my whole plan for the day off the rails!

It’s fair to say, this is how my brain works, I guess. Especially when it comes to writing poetry, the muse is often out of control! Words begin shaping into sentences in my head, and almost without bidding, an entire poem has seemingly written itself! More often than not, I’ll rush to write out those sentences and give them time to simmer … at least for a day or two, maybe more. I just don’t want to trust myself with a hot take! Capiche?

Today, I couldn’t help myself! Scrolling through X (formerly known as Twitter), I noticed a short video posted by Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee. He describes himself (on X) as a “Trafficker in misinformation” which is meant ironically because the Bee is a satirical website, offering (as their description notes) fake news you can trust.

Image by John Iglar from Pixabay

The short video (less than a minute) which I viewed featured a query from a Congressman (Rep. Rick W. Allen, I think) addressing Seth Dillon about organizations which defend their censorship of information based on lame excuses a third-grader might offer. It’s amazing how often the initial “facts” we hear promulgated by media organizations (at all levels) are themselves misinformation, disinformation, straight-up lies and cover-up!

What … We … Knew … At … the … Time … ???!

Mostly, what these news purveyors knew at the time, they choose to leave as the official narrative, rarely going back to correct any misinformation/disinformation/outright lies which was reported as fact! Thus, the sonnet below represents my hot takesans a few days of reflection!

What We Knew At the Time, a sonnet

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