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A Woman’s Right to Know

One of my dear friends is serving her first term in the Arkansas House of Representatives. This week, she presented a bill that addresses a 2001 Arkansas law entitled The Woman's Right to Know Act of 2001. After some 14 years, it's reasonable to think changes in the law are timely and appropriate. My friend's efforts to… Continue reading A Woman’s Right to Know

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March For Life

An event that took place in our nation's capitol today, the annual March for Life, attracts a huge crowd of marchers ... but often fails to garner more than cursory attention from the nightly news. (Digital accounts usually offer some attention.) In the March for Life, people from around the country gather to mark the 1973 Roe… Continue reading March For Life

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Disperse! Ye Shades of Night

Variously characterized as an "English writer and philanthropist," "a British playwright, abolitionist and philanthropist," "an Evangelical philanthropist," "an educator, writer and social reformer," poet Hannah More's name is one with which I was unfamiliar. A contemporary of John Newton and William Wilberforce (among others) and a woman who mingled with many of London's literary elite, More… Continue reading Disperse! Ye Shades of Night

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Do Black Lives Matter?

One of the lead stories of this morning's news was the monstrous traffic jam in Massachusetts I-93 caused by protesters, arms voluntarily inserted into sand- or concrete-filled barrels, positioned directly in the highway right-of-way reserved for vehicles. At least one report indicated the protesters wished to make a statement about "improving race relations" due to recent deaths… Continue reading Do Black Lives Matter?

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GroupThink On Campus

At Oxford, no less! The story this week shows how discourse on college campuses has become utterly homogenized. It began when the Oxford Students For Life (OSFL) announced they planned to sponsor a traditional debate on the affirmative motion:  "This House Believes Britain's Abortion Culture Hurts Us All." Two individuals were scheduled to deliver their responses to… Continue reading GroupThink On Campus

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Rebranding Despicable

Lately, I've been wondering, when did it become okay to kill children? Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, I know at least 50 million legal abortions have been performed in the United States. Yes, they were "legal" based on the standard instituted through the Supreme Court's Roe decision. Nevertheless, women who sought abortions used to drive to… Continue reading Rebranding Despicable

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Today is the seventeenth anniversary of Mother Teresa's death. Though she was an Albanian by birth, this diminutive woman lived most of her life in India serving the poorest of the poor. She began her life as a Catholic missionary at age 18 and devoted the rest of her 87 years to mission work, living among… Continue reading Osteenification

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Life Is A Gift

On Wiseblooding, I post periodically about abortion. It's an issue about which I feel strongly. I am unwaveringly pro-life. Back in the late 70s, I composed a simple poem that summed up the debate of that time. Those were the days when discussion seemed more focused on the specious question:  When does life really begin? Over… Continue reading Life Is A Gift

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You Asked For It!

Yes, there used to be a television series in the 1950s by that name. No, this post has no connection to the tv show. Over at the MindfulDigressions blog today, Doobster posted his reaction (entitled I Just Don't Get It) discussing the Supreme Court decision in re: Hobby Lobby. Later in the day, he added… Continue reading You Asked For It!

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Thank Your Mother

Branches of the military have a Code of Conduct. Private businesses often have a similar set of dos and don'ts for their employees. These rules for behavior promote an orderly operation and enable members of the organization to understand (1) what's expected of them and (2) where the boundaries are. Having specific guidelines for behavior protects… Continue reading Thank Your Mother