Ask What You Can Do

Since we were celebrating the Independence Day weekend, my Beloved and our grandson and I decided to head to the movies last Saturday. We chose to see Dinesh D’Souza‘s current production, America:  Imagine The World Without Her.america-imagine-a-world-without-her-lionsgate

The theme of this film is centered around the question:  what kind of world would this be if America had never existed? For me, this was an interesting proposition. D’Souza developed this theme by interviewing a handful of today’s major critics, individuals who are vocal about our country’s failures and perceived arrogance. With historical re-enactments interspersed, D’Souza builds a foundation for his critics’ condemnation of the United States.

He identifies five groups perceived to have been “victimized” and trampled over by an uncaring and destructive US:

  1. The American Indians
  2. The Mexican people
  3. Black Americans (many of whom were slaves)
  4. The American people
  5. The World at large

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