Ask What You Can Do

There’s a common misconception that 21st century Americans have come to believe. Let’s call this misconception the Myth of the Expert (ME). As I’ve considered this myth, I’ve observed at least two aspects:  (1) an expert is the only one qualified to perform a task, and (2) only the expert knows how to get the job done right.ask_an_expert_logo-1

First aspect relates to qualifications. In general, when you’re looking for expertise, you consult an expert, someone who really knows. Whether you need a physician to diagnose your ailment or a roofer to re-shingle your home, you want someone whose credentials confirm their expertise and competence. Under normal circumstances, you’re not going to seek a medical opinion from your roofer.

There’s this fuzzy, unwritten rule in our culture that mysteriously freezes our ability and/or inclination to lend a hand to any endeavor where our credentials are either non-existent or lacking. This is standard operating procedure, right? We depend on our mechanics, plumbers, technicians, doctors and psychiatrists to diagnose (and presumably, fix) all problems … because they’re the experts! Continue reading “Ask What You Can Do”