No Fear

Few of us need to be reminded we’re approaching the thirteenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01. (Because I think it’s appropriate to append the 2012 terrorist attack of the US embassy in Benghazi that also happened on 9/11, I’ll refer to both despicable acts under one general heading:  The 9/11 Attacks.)Never Forget With the world situation as it is right now (radical Islamists rampaging and killing and beheading elsewhere and threatening to spread their terror into the United States), uneasiness over the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 would be a natural response. As with the UK raising its terror threat level to severe, heightened awareness is warranted … but fear / worry / hysteria, etc. is not. The Islamists would like nothing more over the next two weeks than to cause hundreds and thousands of Americans to lose sleep and to act like scared children. Continue reading “No Fear”