Birdies In The Treetop

When I educated my children at home, I tried to get them interested in bird-watching. In truth, I think this may be a pastime for people who have the ability to patiently wait for long periods of time just to spy a single flying creature. (Needless to say, this isn’t a description that fit my children.)Blue-Jay-nest-robbing-plate-audubon_102-blue

As part of our preparation, we purchased a field guide to birds as well as a loose-leaf notebook of bird illustrations. These looked to be good resources to turn my children into avid bird-watchers … or so I thought. Alas, it was not to be. Perhaps in part because the area around our home would never qualify as anything close to a bird sanctuary. We had robins, cardinals, blue jays and wrens. It didn’t take long to work through those and we failed to locate other varieties.

2014-04-22 09.49.05Now that we’ve moved further out of town, I’ve had a barn owl fly within twelve feet of me and my grandson, a hawk that lights on the roof of our outbuilding and the Eastern Meadowlarks about which I’ve previously posted.

Earlier this spring, I saw a couple birds that looked to be nesting in the October Glory maple tree outside my bedroom window. Though I’m the most amateur of photographers, I snapped a picture through the window. Since we only planted this tree two years ago, I was wondering how soon the birds would take advantage of it.

Somebody’s probably going to tell me these aren’t a variety of bird we should even want to attract to our yard. That would be my expectation. (And if that’s the case, we’ll end up with a whole flock of them, I’m sure.)

Rather than be distracted by what kind of birds these are, my mind gets involved in the creative process almost immediately … as it did in this instance. It all began with the word “treetop” and thinking of words that would rhyme with it.

With the calendar officially ushering in Summer on Saturday, I thought I’d get my Spring poem posted now instead of holding it off until next year.

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Poem: Birds Of A Feather