Chowder Comfort In a Chicken Soup World

What is it about soup? The outdoor temperature plunges, winds blow briskly and snowflakes accumulate … and suddenly, the palate demands comfort food, a hearty bowl of soup with an aromatic bread on the side. Whether it’s chili, chicken noodle soup or a chowder, a steaming bowl lightly satisfies taste buds with each spoonful delivering goodness from the tongue all the way down to our toes!baked-potato-soup-ee2603bad9b63919Being snowed in today, my lunch clean-up moved almost seamlessly into dinner preparations … a large pot of chicken corn chowder (with potatoes, plus a cup of bacon bits). My adventurous grandson suggested I could go heavier on the comfort food by adding both beef and pork, but as my limit is two meats in one dish, his wish wasn’t granted. Even comfort has its limits! Continue reading “Chowder Comfort In a Chicken Soup World”

Confessions Of A Comfort Foodie

2014-02-04 17.27.17Few things warm my heart − and fill my belly − as comfortably as a bowl of homemade soup on a cold evening. The picture at left shows the pot of chicken corn chowder (with potatoes) we enjoyed for our evening meal. (In contrast to my daughter who is her own worst critic, I am genuinely a crap photographer, and I’m sorry to say this photo underscores my lack of ability!)

If you’ll overlook my lack of photography skills, I think this photo illustrates (as best I can) my penchant for comfort food … because I am (to my very core) a comfort foodie. Wikipedia notes a nostalgic and or sentimental quality as a main component in one’s choices of comfort food.

In my case, defining comfort has a great deal to do with (1) how quickly the food may be prepared and (2) how filling it will be. I sometimes factor in a third possibility:  will there be leftovers? Continue reading “Confessions Of A Comfort Foodie”