Nothing But Heartbreak

The picture below shows two views of an early German Baptist church located in St. Louis MO. This is the church I attended with my parents during the 1950s. The original congregation was established in 1849 and this particular building was built in 1889.STLParkBapt2Views

I remember there was a brick building to the left that had been used as a parsonage in its early days; during my childhood, it had been turned into an annex for children’s classes. I well remember that old building with its narrow basement passages and high-ceilinged upper level rooms. I also recall standing on the church building’s front steps and peering across the street to admire the beautiful, tree-lined park. It was such a peaceful setting.

Next week, the Southern Baptist Convention will open its 2014 Annual Meeting in Baltimore. Despite the involvement of my forebears in Baptist churches from the time they arrived in St. Louis and my attendance as a youngster, it’s been many years since I attended a Baptist church. Continue reading “Nothing But Heartbreak”