Whatever Happened To Can-Do?

Detroit. Discussions of this once-regal city abound online. These are just a few:  The Remains of Detroit (a photoessay), The Abandoned City of Detroit (another excellent photoessay), Detroit’s Beautiful, Horrible Decline (more photos), The Post-Post Apocalyptic-Detroit (an article naming entrepreneurial investors who are sinking big money into the city in hopes of reviving its greatness), and The Unions Didn’t Bankrupt Detroit, But Great American Cars Did (a Forbes piece that offers an interesting point of view).

FROM: Flickr
A library in an abandoned Detroit school FROM: Flickr

I imagine there is nothing quite like having watched this awful decline as it happened through the years. Over the weekend, my Beloved and I traveled to Detroit to attend our niece’s wedding. (A beautiful and memorable occasion, I must say.) Our trip gave us an opportunity to grasp what the links above present in their photos. Time‘s description – a beautiful, horrible decline – is amazingly apt. I would add two other descriptors … curious and weirdly fascinating. Continue reading “Whatever Happened To Can-Do?”