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Remember Me

Poet Christina Rossetti wrote a beautiful poem titled Remember. Today, our annual day of remembrance signified as Memorial Day, we honor those who died in service to our country. My grandfather (Charles Frederick West, 1887-1932) didn’t die on the battlefield but his exposure to mustard gas in the trenches of World War I brought about his death after years of suffering. His […]

Failure Is Always An Option

Think about the failures you’ve experienced during your lifetime. When I consider my own, I’m always amazed by the important lessons I’ve learned thanks to my most spectacular failures. Thinking about the horrible events that occurred in Santa Barbara CA over the weekend, I thought briefly about the perpetrator’s life (laid out in his personal manifesto running over […]

Mighty In The Land

Having family members in town to celebrate Mother’s Day certainly makes the day special. Not only did we celebrate our grandson’s university graduation yesterday, we incorporated another grandson’s (Friday) birthday into the festivities. (Ha! We also celebrated a third grandson’s birthday earlier in the week!) Some of our out of town guests left yesterday evening […]

Thank Your Mother

Branches of the military have a Code of Conduct. Private businesses often have a similar set of dos and don’ts for their employees. These rules for behavior promote an orderly operation and enable members of the organization to understand (1) what’s expected of them and (2) where the boundaries are. Having specific guidelines for behavior protects […]

Love That Will Not Let Me Go

It’s a week since we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus. I’ve been contemplating this amazing event all week, trying to look at the event through unjaded eyes. We have a tendency to celebrate the day and then move on through our lives … as if this pivotal event has relevance exclusively on Easter morning. Think of […]

Just As He Said

The Sabbath had come to an end. A new day began to dawn − Sunday, the first day of the week. As the sun rose, the women who followed Jesus were already on their way to the tomb. Even though they knew the body of Jesus had been placed in a tomb, they hoped to prepare his body for […]

Sheep Without A Shepherd

What do you do when someone close to you dies, seemingly without warning? Of course, you’re shocked … bewildered … grief-stricken … frightened. People who had traveled with Jesus experienced all these emotions, but I expect they may have also been guilt-ridden. Especially Peter. As soon as Peter denied knowing Christ, the impact of his denial […]

The Rock

Simon Peter … numbered among the twelve apostles, a prominent figure in the New Testament, an intimate of Jesus Christ. By trade, Peter was a fisherman who left his day job to follow Christ. The Gospel accounts show Peter was a blustery man, given to acting impulsively and speaking his mind. I tend to identify with Peter. […]

A Life On Loan

After the most recent shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, one of the base soldiers told of his experience being barricaded behind a door with fourteen others as the rampaging shooter attempted to enter this space to continue his violence. In that room, First Lt. Patrick Cook feared for his life and also the lives of others […]

Goodbye . . . For Now

A young couple in our church recently delivered their first child only to give him up to death four short hours after he arrived. (I heard about their situation via our church’s prayer list. I don’t personally know them.) Before this child’s birth, his parents had been alerted he suffered from a specific physical condition, Potter Syndrome. […]

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