Autumn Meditation

Even though Autumn was officially welcomed on September 22 (at precisely 10:29 p.m., EDT, I’m told), it is when the first day of October arrives that my mind makes its mental shift to a new season.autumn-leaves-on-road-hd-for-desktop-widescreen-wallpaper-downloadFirst, I begin to inhale more deeply, expecting to note not just a chill in the air but also the aroma of pumpkin pies and apple cobblers. Even the dog enjoys sitting out on the front lawn with his head up, evaluating the varied sounds and smells that waft in on the breeze. It’s a pleasant opportunity for reflection.

Second, I begin to experience a surge in poetic energy as the multiple shades of summer green begin to give way to fiery reds and oranges of fall. My brain finds this gradual modulation of beauty utterly intoxicating!

Even so, through the years I’ve written very few poems related to the seasons, though I do enjoy reading the seasonal poems written by others. Continue reading “Autumn Meditation”