Peter Is Here?

Every so often on FaceBook, I’ll notice in my timeline a story about new discoveries that lend credence to some part of the biblical narrative. These discoveries are often heralded as verification for the Bible’s truthfulness. This week, for instance, The Washington Post ran an article headlined, Archeologists find possible site of Jesus’s trial in Jerusalem.

breaking_headlineOne individual quoted for this particular story said:  “For those Christians who care about accuracy in regards to historical facts, this is very forceful …” Whether it’s a discovery of artifacts in Egypt that corroborate details related to the Exodus, or pieces of gopher wood and aerial views that indicate the apparent outline of a large craft/ship in or around the area of Mount Ararat, these kinds of stories can be “very forceful” for Christians hoping to have their faith bolstered by factual data. Continue reading “Peter Is Here?”