Happy Independence Day!

independenceday1As most everyone in America knows, today is Independence Day! In yesterday’s post, I failed to mention my father-in-law served this country in the military during World War II. I believe he was a captain and was deployed to the Philippines. As I understand it, he wasn’t sent to fight in Europe due to his German name. (I’ve posted before about my daddy and also referenced his military service.) These were courageous young men!MaxMaxDen
In this picture at left, my father-in-law stands with his two eldest sons (there are two more who came later).

From the bottom of heart, I appreciate the sacrifices of these two men (and so many others) dedicated to ensure Freedom’s hope for future generations. I also have several uncles, a brother and a brother-in-law who are veterans. Thanks to each of them! For readers of my blog who have served, sincere thanks to you as well.

In my genealogy research, I’ve found numerous individuals who participated in war-time military service and at least one in my direct line who died in war. When I think about these men (and the women and children they left behind), I am awestruck by their courage. Continue reading “Happy Independence Day!”