The ‘Sitka’ House

Revisiting my Movie Night post about our recent viewing of the Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds flick, The Proposal, I neglected to mention the gorgeous setting. The House:  it should have been credited as part of the supporting cast.

My parents used to live in a cove off the Gulf of Mexico. I have friends who live a stone’s throw from a lake; these people drive vehicles (on highways) to reach their homes. And even though I don’t know anyone who travels by boat in order to arrive home, I can accept there are those folks as well.

But I have to say my imagination is piqued. The House would be spectacular, even if you didn’t have to take a boat to get there. You’ve got the water in front, the mountains and lighthouse behind and a pristine landscape that oozes peace and quiet. (What’s not to like?!) Plus, there’s something totally romantic and intriguing about motoring up to your home via a boat dock. What mystery awaits when you set foot on land? (It’s not the ordinariness I experience motoring up my drive and into the garage.) Continue reading “The ‘Sitka’ House”