Endowed By Our Creator

Today, we celebrate Independence Day, the official 239th birthday of our country, memorialized at the top of our Declaration of Independence.

In our family, we also commemorate this day as the 73rd wedding anniversary of my Beloved’s parents. With grateful hearts and thankfulness to God, we salute both my in-laws’ union and the historic beginnings of our United States.OneNationUnderGod

Happy Independence Day!

independenceday1As most everyone in America knows, today is Independence Day! In yesterday’s post, I failed to mention my father-in-law served this country in the military during World War II. I believe he was a captain and was deployed to the Philippines. As I understand it, he wasn’t sent to fight in Europe due to his German name. (I’ve posted before about my daddy and also referenced his military service.) These were courageous young men!MaxMaxDen
In this picture at left, my father-in-law stands with his two eldest sons (there are two more who came later).

From the bottom of heart, I appreciate the sacrifices of these two men (and so many others) dedicated to ensure Freedom’s hope for future generations. I also have several uncles, a brother and a brother-in-law who are veterans. Thanks to each of them! For readers of my blog who have served, sincere thanks to you as well.

In my genealogy research, I’ve found numerous individuals who participated in war-time military service and at least one in my direct line who died in war. When I think about these men (and the women and children they left behind), I am awestruck by their courage. Continue reading “Happy Independence Day!”

An Imperfect Couple

Were my father-in-law alive (he died in 2008), he and my mother-in-law would be celebrating their 72nd anniversary tomorrow.MaxChar1

Every Independence Day, their four adult sons (with families in tow) would descend upon their Texas home. During the days that followed, we’d all enjoy gathering around the pool and patio and dining table for good meals, lots of laughs and a general celebration of the world we shared because a young couple had married back in 1942. These gatherings allowed time for the grandkids to know their grandparents as well as their cousins.

There were times when I know the influx of family was a huge imposition on my in-laws because they made every effort to be the perfect hosts and meals (my mother-in-law’s specialty) were prepared with lots of loving care and creativity.

Since my father-in-law’s passing, the 4th of July torch has been passed to my Beloved and I, mainly because we live nearby the assisted living facility where my mother-in-law currently resides. It has been a privilege to carry that torch because we knew how important the tradition was for my Beloved’s aging mom.

I’ve posted previously on this blog about the sometimes tenuous relationship I’ve had through the years with my MIL. Later this year, she’ll mark her 92nd birthday. She isn’t likely to remember it though. Due in part to her failing memory, the annual gathering hasn’t taken the priority this year that it had in previous years. When her grandchildren or great-grandchildren come for a visit, she is more nervous about the chaos and commotion, and not as eager to entertain little ones.


Before my father-in-law’s death, the couple had achieved sixty-five years (plus) of marriage. Like every other couple, I’m sure they shared good times and bad, but in my view, reaching that 65 year mark was a significant achievement that should be applauded.

While I’m not familiar with the writings of David Meurer, the author of this quote, I do appreciate this sentiment which is attributed to him:  “A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” 

I think my in-laws learned well how to enjoy their differences, and tomorrow, we will acknowledge the happy circumstances that brought them together … and how that coupling multiplied their offspring into successive generations.