Be It Ever So Humble

After yesterday’s post about tiny houses, I started thinking about the overall concept of home. This four-letter word obviously means many different things to many different people. Obviously, one’s concept of home may be attached to both a place and specific people associated with that place. Or in certain cases, it’s not a question of place as long as one is surrounded with the people themselves.home-sweet-home

For many of us, there are songs associated with the concept of home that evoke specific and heartfelt memories. The public broadcasting television station in Arkansas used to sign off the air each day with one particular song, Arkansas, You Run Deep In Me by Wayland Holyfield. The linked video provides not only beautiful music but highlights memorable sites around our state.

One of the verses to this song says:  I may wander but when I do, I will never be far from you. You’re in my blood and I know you’ll always be. Arkansas, you run deep in me. (Read the complete lyrics here.) Continue reading “Be It Ever So Humble”