Daddy Dear(est)

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. The hashtag #EndFathersDay has been (predictably) trending on Twitter. According to some sources, the hashtag is a hoax, but it hasn’t prevented both tweets and blogs from discussing the pros and cons of ending future commemorations of Father’s Day. (If you take a gander through Twitter for this hashtag, be prepared to read some coarse and offensive comments.) At least one blogger posted a satirical claim to having originated the tag and offers a tongue-in-cheek explanation why.


I’m not capable of wrapping my brain around the unfortunate negative comments about dads. Though my dad wasn’t perfect, I remember him (he died in 1994) as a man totally devoted to God and family. He served his country during World War II, worked really hard almost every single day of his life, and loved to have fun no matter what he was doing. He was a tender and loving man. Continue reading “Daddy Dear(est)”